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Energy efficient health care

Dalarna county

Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Dalarna County Council has worked actively for almost ten years to reduce the environmental impacts of its operations and today it is the most energy efficient county in Sweden. Most of the properties in the Dalarna County Council are hospitals and other healthcare buildings. Landstingfastigheter i Dalarna, which manages the properties, works hard to reduce energy consumption.

Objectives of the Good Practice

Saving money and the environment by increasing the energy efficiency in the county council's properties.

Participants of the Good Practice

Dalarna County Council
Landsfastigheter i Dalarna

More Details of the Good Practice

Hospitals and other health care buildings are properties that are often under way around the clock with energy-intensive equipment. Since 1982, the Dalarna County Council has cut energy consumption in half and already achieved the EU target of reducing the consumption of heating and electricity by 20 percent by 2020.

Factors that have made this possible include:

  • a targeted and long-term energy management effort
  • renovations and investments in energy efficient technology

Examples of investments:

  • The heat produced in the cooling process of parts of certain hospital environments is recycled to heat up other parts of the building with a heat pump operation.
  • Frequency controlled fans, which allow better adjusting to the heating needs of certain premises.

The county council's targets top the EU's targets: By 2010 Landsfastigheter should have lowered its energy consumption to 170 kWH per square meter, and by 2025 to 110 kWH, which is only a third of the consumption in 1982.

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Data sources and references

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