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Daily Environment improvements through dialogue


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Municipality and residents in Karlstad are working together for better environment. Through the Daily Environment (MiljöVarDag) project and coaches from the municipality, 100 families have received support and training in living more environmentally friendly.

Citizen participation
Stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

Climate change mitigation through involving citizens

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Karlstad
Resident families

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

The 100 participating families in the Daily Environment project have since 2004 implemented more than 1,000 environmental improvement measures in their daily lives. The families have received training in areas such as energy, transport, waste and consumption.

The objective for eight out of ten families is to lower their energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 9 percent. For two of ten families the objective has been to reduce the CO2 emissions by 20 percent. Some families have also tried ecological food and better sorting of waste.

Training and support has dealt for example with:

  • energy advice, e.g. energy reviews of houses, heating solutions
  • transport advice, e.g. eco-driving
  • consumer guidange
  • separation of waste

During the project the municipal officials have met people for discussions in their homes and had Internet conferences with the participants. Information has also been available through Counsel Room, the municipality's centre for environmental issues.

On average, the participating families have reduced their CO2 emissions by more than 15 tonnes per family. Now the families are spreading the inspiration further.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Data sources and references

Local Action on Climate Change - Swedish Experiences. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. 2009.