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Greener lifestyle in families


Detailed description of the Good Practice

A few years ago some residents of the Swedish city of Kalmar on the Baltic Sea made a pledge to address the negative impact that their daily life-style was having on the global environment. Within a year, the 12 participating families had reduced their climate-changing carbon emissions by one-third.

The Climate Pilots project started in the City of Kalmar in Sweden in 2007 and over 12 months, 12 families were given advice, help and a range of challenges to change their lifestyle in order to become more environmentally friendly and ultimately reduce their ecological footprint. The Climate Pilot program identifies some main areas where the households can start reducing their carbon footprint: food, energy use, consumption, leisure time and transportation. Involving citizens in sustainable solutions, such as in the Climate Pilots, is part of reaching the overall objective set by Kalmar County - to be a fossil fuel free region by 2030.

By making changes to their lifestyle, the Climate Pilots in Kalmar reduced their emissions by 32 per cent in one year, which corresponds to 53 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, or a car journey ten times around the earth. In fact, the Climate Pilots have discovered that not only were they able to significantly reduce their carbon footprint without any major changes in their lifestyle, they were also able to save a lot of money in the process.
The Climate Pilots have shown that citizens can play a key role in addressing climate change and the concept of coaching citizens towards a more sustainable life-style seem to work outside the Swedish context as well.

awareness raising
ecological education
sustainable consumption
energy efficiency
waste management
climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

to introduce models for families to reduce their climate-changing carbon emissions

Participants of the Good Practice

12 families
City of Kalmar

Target group of the Good Practice

12 families
the public

Funding of the Good Practice

City of Kalmar

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents


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Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 1/2010