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Efficient solution for sorting waste


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Efficient automated solutions for sorting lightweight municipal waste already exist. Now the Robotergestützte Sortierung von großstückigem Abfall (ROSA) project at Bremen University is developing an automated waste-processing system using cameras, 3-D laser range finders and near-infrared materials sensors to sort heavy and bulky municipal and construction wastes. By combination and intelligent analysis of sensor data, it will be possible to identify individual objects in agglomerations of waste and guide waste handlers and/or robotic manipulators accordingly. The result will be more efficient sorting of bulky wastes and better resource recovery, particularly when handling plastic wastes, where different types of plastic cannot be sorted visually.

waste management

Objectives of the Good Practice

to developed an automated waste-processing system

Participants of the Good Practice

Bremen University

Funding of the Good Practice

ROSA project

More Details of the Good Practice

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