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10,000 Intelligent streetlights


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Oslo has reduced energy consumption by 70% and CO2 emissions by 1440 tonnes per year by introducing an innovative and energy-efficient form of street lighting. 10,000 high-pressure sodium lights using an “intelligent lighting” system that adjusts light according to need have been introduced around the city.
Old fixtures containing PCB and mercury have been replaced with high-performance high-pressure sodium lights and an advanced data communication system using power line transmission has reduced the need for maintenance. This reduces the level of light when needs are low, saving energy and cutting pollution.

energy efficiency
climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by introducing an innovative and energy-efficient form of street lighting

Participants of the Good Practice

The initiative is a joint-venture between the City of Oslo and Hafslund ASA, the largest electricity distribution company in Norway. Hafslund are responsible for the running and maintenance of 250,000 street lighting points in the greater Oslo area.

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

City of Oslo

More Details of the Good Practice

After 2-3 years of implementation time, the system is now fully equipped with all its components. Some minor problems have occurred, mainly related to production failure in some communication units, but on the whole, the system has performed well under normal operating conditions. There has been no increase in the level of public complaints, meaning the system is functioning at least as well as the old system.

The predicted energy savings have been achieved, whilst the cost reductions expected due to a reduction in overall maintenance have not yet been fully obtained – this is due to the small scale of the project at present. Scale-up to the city’s 250,000 lights could increase the impacts in energy saving and emissions reduced by 25 times and deliver the scale economy needed to make significant financial savings.
The energy saving potential has been estimated to 4.5 GWh/year. There are plans for continuously replacement of old inefficient streetlights. Today 15 % of the streetlights in Oslo are renovated and over the next 5 years, this figure will dramatically increase.

Available files

Data sources and references

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(Accessed June, 18, 2010)