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Green Diploma


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Green Diploma has been developed by the Danish National Housing Association in cooperation with Fellov Consult and Cenergia Energy Consultants with a co-financing from the Urban Ecology Foundation in Copenhagen Municipality. The aim is to award housing associations with a Green Diploma as a quality certificate showing serious energy and environmental efforts. 40 individual housing departments of housing associations have participated since 2002 and systematically reported yearly consumption of heat, water, electricity and waste. This show to be very inspiring for change of behaviour in direction of energy savings and environmental considerations.

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Objectives of the Good Practice

The aim was primarily to reduce energy consumption within a building sector representing a big share of total housing in Denmark, where already is established good information channels through their joint “secretariat” being the National Housing Association.
Another common condition is that all dwellers are renting their flats and not being house owners. This requires a different approach and efforts to achieve change of behaviours compared to house owners. But anyhow economic savings for energy costs is of common interest for dwellers as well as house owners.

Participants of the Good Practice

National Housing Association
Fellov Consult and Cenergia Energy Consultants
Urban Ecology Foundation in Copenhagen Municipality

Target group of the Good Practice

individual housing departments of housing associations

Funding of the Good Practice

Totally some 150.000 EURO has been spent on consultancy to develop the Green Diploma system based primarily on funding from national support sources for the housing sector. But involved partners from National Housing Association, a number of housing associations and housing sector institutions

More Details of the Good Practice

From the initiative started the focus was on the operational energy costs for housing association departments for heating, electricity and water. Yearly reporting should make it possible to create interest for reaching better results next year.
But such reporting requires extra work to be done systematically and comprehensive to some degree and therefore it was a difficult process to convert a first enthusiasm into actually systematic reporting every year. Schemes for yearly reporting caused some problems and were often found complicated to fill in. And to improve this together with other observed need for changes a group was evaluating and revising the system 2 years ago. This resulted in a new manual and guidelines and besides the basic energy data now also will be reported local plans for next year improvements with scheduled deadlines to be controlled as a condition for being awarded with the Green Diploma or for having the Green Diploma renewed for another year. And besides certification for operation of housing association unit now also the housing association unit administration can be certified. And reporting is now via internet.

After 5 years of reporting energy consumption from all together some 40 housing association departments the results shows good results for some housing associations and for others you may see higher energy consumption.
Also you see that it has not been possible to have systematically reporting from all every year and some of them have only reported once.
But the general conclusion from the people administrating the Green Diploma certification and having frequently contact to the participating housing associations is that several housing associations find it very useful to keep focus on energy efficiency. Also participants can tell about many improvements regarding local efforts for better daily living conditions, which comprise for example better playgrounds, more greenings, local traffic regulations, bird life, etc.

Documentation and documents


Available files

Contact details

Project Web Site: www.grontdiplom.dk
Organisation / Agency Fellov Consult ApS
Main contact Ms. Bettina Fellov
Address: Kirkevej 155, DK–2791 Dragør
Tel: +45 3253 1200
E-mail: Fellovconsult@fellovconsult.dk
Web Site: www.fellovconsult.dk

Data sources and references

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An users's guide