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New Standards in the Production of Components for Energy Systems


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Voith is one of the world leading enterprises in its markets paper, energy, mobility and services.
In its Crailsheim plant Voith Turbo Industry produces two important components for modern energy system technologies: WinDrive and Vorecon. For these and other products Voith Turbo Industry erects a ultra-modern plant in Crailsheim. Beside the optimization of value, production and material flows, a highly efficient use and supply with energy is a predominant aspect. Together with its partner, the Utility of Crailsheim, Voith Turbo Industry has realised numerous innovative energy efficiency measures

energy efficiency

Objectives of the Good Practice

to develop and produce innovative systems of the mechanical, hydrodynamic, electrical and
electronic driving technology in order to save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment.

Participants of the Good Practice

Voith company

More Details of the Good Practice

In its Crailsheim plant Voith Turbo Industry produces two important components for modern energy system technologies: WinDrive and Vorecon. They are manufactured on 3,000 sqm in the newly erected production hall 07. Its pathbreaking innovative character links efficient processes, first class logistics, high working safety and a fluent assembly flow. Also the efficient use and supply with energy follows the highest requirements.
• Production of high quality machinery components for energy systems of the upcoming sector of renewable energies.
• Consistent implementation of energy efficiency measures in the production of these components.
• Internal energy management as part of the plant development plan.

The lacquering plant (1.3 MW) was equipped with a heat recovery system (61 % recovery) A system test plant feeds back a large part of his performance (8.5 MW) into the plant grid. For cleaning of components an energy saving one-chamber washing machine (500 kW) was chosen.
The energy supply to single production and assembly units is individually time controlled and on demand. The demand is monitored by the building control system. A warning system notifies any excess of energy parameters.
The consistent implementation of an energy management system in the Crailsheim plant of Voith Turbo Industry led to a halving of the heat demand since 1990. The newly created production plants show beside a high productivity also excellent energy parameters. The cooperation with the Utility of Crailsheim as contractor and professional operator of the energy supply systems results as an excellent partnership for Voith Turbo Industry.

Available files

Contact details

Organsation / Agency: Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG
Main contact: Eckhard Beer
Address: Voithstrasse 1
D-74564 Crailsheim
Tel: +49 795132639
Fax: n / a
E-mail: eckhard.beer@voith.com
Web site: www.voithturbo.com

Data sources and references

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