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Videophone supports elderly persons


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Technical help was already tried in many projects concerning elderly people.
For example, 85 year Terttu Lindgren from Karkkila participates in the conversations and exercises by getting guides trough the television. The new television screen was brought and installed to her home last august. There is touch screen in TV: the program turns on by finger touch, the same way the user can contact the other user.
The well-being television broadcasts comes from the war injure hospital in Kauniala. There are 24 war veteran wives or widows, which are taking part in a wonder-project, and their average age is 82.5 year. Rehabilitation persons live at the 100 km distance from Kauniala.
The wonder-project sends the program once or two times a day on the week days. The most popular is a chair gymnastic exercise, but there is on service also co-singing, devotional service, chorus performances, poem reading and chat talks.
This kind of project is one of numerous social and health projects which aim to benefit the technology equipments. Before such video phone was installed, the home visits and some ability test on surviving alone at home for clients were made. After that a personal home rehabilitation program was planned. Beside interactive contact’s, package includes also a support person’s visits to the rehabilitation person twice a month. It is possible to get an individual advice with the help of videophone.
Such television help fits the best for people, which memory is still good.

social equality

Objectives of the Good Practice

to benefit the technology equipments for elderly people

Participants of the Good Practice

Kauniala’s municipality, The Invalid Fund Orton and video technology company Videra Oy

Target group of the Good Practice

war veterans’ wives

Funding of the Good Practice

The project was financed by the Invalid Fund and The War Invalid Brotherhood Union

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents


Available files

Data sources and references

Kuntalehti 8/2010