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Good governance framework


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Focusing on the organization, it is recommended that each city should have a plan or strategy for Good governance.
This document should identify the key elements for good governance, and could be based on the following Fano Guidelines:

  • Learning as an organisation
  • Moving away from 'policy silos' within local government
  • Making alliances with people and organisations
  • Facilitating the process and developing credible leade-rship
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation in policy-making
  • Communicating to make a difference
  • Catalysing acti-on through raising environmental awareness
  • Maintaining commitment to achieving the long-term vision
  • Sharing experience with pers
  • Influencing all levels of government
  • good governance
  • participatory approach
  • Fano Guidelines

Objectives of the Good Practice

Good Governance is active promotion of democracy which is vital for sustainability:

  • It facilitates involvement, but through this it also nurtures understanding and education.
  • It develops ‘ownership’ and combats the alienation and civic disengagement which must undermine the drive to more sustainable societies

Good Governance increases awareness, shared responsibility and acceptance among citizens of the necessary, innovative, yet so far unpopular policy steps towards less resource use and better social inclusion.

Planning, writing and implementing the Good governance principles into the city adminstration is a continuous process,demanding constant involvement of different stakeholders, updating and evaluation.

Participants of the Good Practice

Good governance principles have been included as a chapter in "Managing sustainability- An organizational Plans", that have been produced in 13 BSR cities during the SUSTAINMENT project. These plans focus on a special unit managing the city´s sustainable development.

Target group of the Good Practice

Identification of the Governance principles and including them into your cities leading sustainble development document is a method targeted to the city officials working with broad city development issues and who are interested in developing their organisational capacity. Perhaps you are in the Local Agenda 21 Office, the Environmental Office, Strategic Planning Department, or in a working group dealing with sustainable development issues.

Funding of the Good Practice

The SUSTAINMENT project was carried ot in 2006-2007 and was part financed by the European Union within the BSR Interreg IIIB Neighbourhood programme, TACIS, Finnish Ministry of Environment and the partner cities.

More Details of the Good Practice

With the help of the 10 Fano guidelines and the results of the Local Evaluation 21 Survey, method has supported cities to recognise which principles of good governance they follow and where improvements can be made.

Documentation and documents


See pages 8-12 in the following:

Available files

Contact details

Union of the Baltic Cities
Environment and Sustainable Development Secretariat


Data sources and references

ICLEI as a trainer in SUSTAINMENT project: www.sustainment-project.net
www.urbanworks-toolkit.eu, "Resources-section"