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Climate Ambassadors


Detailed description of the Good Practice

ICLEI member city Copenhagen (Denmark) is turning to the next generation as part of an ambitious Climate Plan. 1,500 school children will be selected and then trained as Climate Ambassadors, becoming experts in environmental issues. These students will be able to communicate issues to their classmates, as well as initiate new schemes to ensure that sustainable measures are introduced in their school.

A comprehensive pilot project, called A New Climate Generation, is already underway in schools in the Municipality of Copenhagen. In 2009 four schools, including Gulbergskole and Matthaeusgade Skole, were selected as Climate Schools, and underwent some sustainability-friendly repairs.

The aim of Copenhagen’s Climate Plan is to establish the Danish capital as a carbon neutral city by 2025. Other initiatives include the Children’s Climate Forest, which has seen children plant 8,111 trees so far. By the end of this project it is hoped that each student involved will have been given the chance to plant a tree in his or her local environment and to learn about green issues while improving the city.

climate change
awareness raising
ecological education

Objectives of the Good Practice

to teach students to become experts in environmental issues

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City of Copenhagen

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City of Copenhagen

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