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Innovative Aalborg navigates a sustainable mobility course


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The city of Aalborg, Denmark, has signed an agreement with portable navigation
system company TomTom to deliver highly accurate traffic information to improve the management of traffic flow in the city. A new hybrid bus route has also been launched.
TomTom will provide better information to road users. Through the agreement, Aalborg will leverage TomTom Custom Travel Times, which is based on a unique, proprietary database of historical travel times, with road speed measurements gathered in recent years. The project has been incorporated into the ARCHIMEDES project within the CIVITAS Initiative.
To further build on the volume of data available in the TomTom solution, the city of Aalborg has entered into an agreement with Taxa, a local taxi company, whereby 100 TomTom navigation devices will be used to collect more local road congestion data. This data will provide thousands of additional local GPS
measurements to TomTom anonymously, which can be used, along with its powerful database of historical traffic information, to calculate route directions more precisely.
Citizens are at the heart of Aalborg´s policies, and the city demonstrated this with another initiative that took place in the summer months. A new hybrid bus route was launched and transported CITY NEWS citizens and tourists to and from attractions in and around the city centre. The bus was free and operated every weekday between 9am and 7pm and between 10am and 3pm at weekends.
Guides also travelled on the bus at certain times of the day to inform the passengers about the city, the bus and the CIVITAS Initiative. The guides also helped the passengers, many of whom were tourists, find their way around the city.
The hybrid technology has the potential to save up to 35 percent of the fuel consumption for the Volvo 7700 Hybrid Bus. Aside from running on diesel it is also equipped with an electric engine.
The engine can be charged both overnight and during the day, and energy from braking is also captured and stored in the batteries. The technology makes emission savings of up to 50 percent. The bus was also driven on a 10 percent biodiesel blend which saves even more fossil fuel.

climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

to deliver highly accurate traffic information to improve the management of traffic flow in the city

Participants of the Good Practice

The city of Aalborg
system company TomTom

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

The city of Aalborg

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

For more information, contact Jens
Mogensen [jms-teknik@aalborg.dk].
Aalborg is a member of the CIVITAS
ARCHIMEDES consortium.

Data sources and references

The CIVITAS Initiative Quarterly Newsletter
5th September, 2010
(Accessed February, 28, 2011)