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A secondary school: working with local sustainable production


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Participation of students in the testing of wave power plant built next to Risør, Norway and winning an award for Youth Entrepreneurship are only two examples of the Risør Secondary School's action-based education - and its cooperation with the regional economy. Energy and environment were selected some years ago as a special focus, both for the curriculum and the schools's own facilities. "Student enterprises" are a pedagogic method giving students skills in innovation and setting up businesses. Themes are practical solutions for climate, environment, recycling and fair trade. Over the course of a school year students establish, operate and then wind up a business. One class is now producing electric bicycles; another has begun importing products made of recycled materials from Cambodia.
The school was certified as an Ecolighthouse in 2009. Residual waste was reduced by more than one ton in that year; the canteen stopped using disposable articles; and the shcool has a partnership with the local waste company whereby all waste fractions are monitored and the company gives courses on waste management for both students and staff. The student representative body plays an active part and makes recommendations to the administration. There has been an extensive energy saving program including retrofitting insulations, new energy windows, heat pump, energy sensors and bioenergy heating system. Full student involvement is essential and the interaction with regional businesses is another success factor. In this way pupils are motivated by a sense of being genuinely involved in the local community and its production.

awareness raising
ecological education
energy efficiency
sustainable economy
sustainable consumption

Objectives of the Good Practice

to introduce action-based ecological education

Participants of the Good Practice

students of the Risør Secondary School

Target group of the Good Practice

students of the Risør Secondary School

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Risør Secondary School
Heidi Tveide

Data sources and references

Local Action - success stories in sustainability