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Ecological Municipal Police in Malbork


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Frequent traffic jams and obstructions no longer pose any problems for the Municipal Police in the city of Malbork, Poland. Owing bicycles and electric scooters, the municipal police officers can quickly reach every location in the city. The use of the vehicles combines the idea of propagating ecological actions and ensuring the safety of the residents and tourists mainly in the city centre, the surrounding of the castle and the boulevard on the Nogat River especially during the holiday season.

climate change
energy efficiency
renewable sources of energy

Objectives of the Good Practice

propagate ecological actions and ensure the safety of the residents and tourists

Participants of the Good Practice

the city of Malbork

Target group of the Good Practice

Municipal Police of the city of Malbork

Funding of the Good Practice

the city of Malbork

More Details of the Good Practice

Apart from its bicycles, the Malbork Municipal Police move around on two scooters, which propelled by electric energy, do not emit any exhaust fumes. Depending on their versions, the scooters can cover up to 100-140 km, while the total charging period amounts to max. 5 hours. The single-track vehicles can ride with the maximum speed of 110 km/h and do not generate any sounds. They are not only ecological but also economical. The maintenance costs are much lower in comparison with the traditional single-track vehicles and they drop to almost zero in the case of the bikes. The municipal police officers on bicycles and scooters not only secure the public order, but are also quite an attraction, being the most often photographed “object” in the city.

Available files

Contact details

Aleksandra Kapejewska, City Hall of Malbork,

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2011