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Sillamäe promotes sport activities


Detailed description of the Good Practice

How to encourage people to choose healthy and active lifestyle? Right, it is necessary to create appropriate conditions for them.
The city of Sillamäe is a beautiful place for sports. The city is constantly investing in its sport facilities like a swimming pool, soccer field and skating park. But one of the most significant achievements is the recent reconstruction of the sports complex Kalev. This complex has a great regional importance, because in the north-east of Estonia there are not so many facilities to carry out trainings, arrange team meetings and high level competitions including school sport actions. The reconstruction project was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The Sport complex is appropriate for different types of sports such as indoor soccer, basketball, handball, tennis, athletic gymnastics, weight lifting, volleyball, indoor hockey, table tennis, boxing and many others.
Multicomplex for all
During reconstruction, much attention was paid to the energy efficiency and safety issues. It will result in less heat loss and reduced energy consumption, especially in the winter months. Also safety and environmental requirements were met to protect all visitors and staff from possible risks.
In addition to the sports activities, the complex’s rooms are widely used for cultural and leisure events. The National Culture Days „Baltic Cultural Bridges” – one of the most important cultural events in the region with more than 20 teams from Estonia and abroad, takes place every year. The sports complex is a place for concerts, festivals and cultural events. Also Kalev regularly hosts international dog shows, gathering together about 2000 participants. That is why the demand for such a complex is very high among citizens and guests.
Our strategic priority is to popularize sport among citizens to create a healthy and sport active society. But we also do everything possible to support the city’s sports clubs where people can train more professionally under the careful tuition of clever coaches. Therefore, cooperation with Estonian and foreign sports organizations and exchange of experience should be more active, emphasizes mayor of Sillamäe city, Jelena Koršunova.

urban planning

Objectives of the Good Practice

encourage people to choose healthy and active lifestyle
to popularize sport among citizens to create a healthy and sport active society

Participants of the Good Practice

the city of Sillamäe

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens of Sillamäe and tourists

Funding of the Good Practice

the city of Sillamäe

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Aleksei Stepanov

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2011