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Zemgale Region: Developing the first mobility plan for rural territories in Latvia

Detailed description of the Good Practice

Improving the transport system in the region was chosen as the topic for Zemgale’s Pilot Action in NEW BRIDGES project as this aspect recognised by the inhabitants of Zemgale region as the most important in strengthening urban-rural interactions.
It was decided that a New Mobility Plan for rural territories should be developed to determine the necessary actions needed to improve the public transport system and the accessibility of rural areas in the region.

quality of life
urban planning
stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

to elaborate the Mobility plan to to improve the public transport system and the accessibility of rural areas in the region

Participants of the Good Practice

National, regional and local authorities

Target group of the Good Practice

inhabitants of Zemgale region

Funding of the Good Practice

the European Union (European Regional Development Fund within the BSR Programme)
Regional and local authorities

More Details of the Good Practice

During the planning process specialists from Zemgale Planning Region studied the Polish, Finnish and German partners’ experiences in organizing public transport and establishing roads and railway infrastructure to get new ideas for their own region. In addition the socio-economic situation in Zemgale region was analyzed, a road network assessment was carried out and cartographic material was prepared. A database including all forms of public transport was established and recommendations for an action plan that would focus on improving the mobility in the region were prepared as a part of the planning process.
The results of an analysis of the current situation showed that 30-40 percent of the state, regional and local roads are in critical condition. Due to the poor road condition and insufficient financial resources a number of bus routes have been already closed. Therefore the Mobility Plan for Rural territories in Zemgale is important and developed to determine the necessary actions needed to improve the region’s public transport system and accessibility of rural areas, which substantially affect the quality of people’s everyday life.
The mobility plan was elaborated by external consultants and presented and discussed in several local stakeholder meetings. During the process cooperation between national, regional and local authorities and the operating transport companies was invaluable for the further development of the Mobility Plan as well as for comparing different points of view and the sharing of experiences.
In the future, the constructive cooperation between the state, local and nongovernmental institutions, and carriers of passengers’ is expected to remain.
Information in the Mobility Plan for Rural Territories - the database and long and medium term strategic directions - will serve as a basis for development and implementation of concrete actions. The document will be also extremely valuable for updating the existing land use plan including different aspects of urban-rural interaction.

Documentation and documents

NEW BRIDGES project http://www.urbanrural.net/index.php/ur:outputs_0

Available files

Contact details

Raitis Madžulis
e-mail: raitis.madzulis@zpr.gov.lv

Mr. Lauri Hooli
Project coordinator
Mob. +358 40 764 0683

Ms. Maija Rusanen
Communication coordinator
Mob. +358 44 9075994

Data sources and references

Planning Together for Better Quality of Life - Guide for Integrated Management of Urban Rural Interaction
News Bridge 1/2011