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Resident survey on the living preferences “On the border of city and countryside


Detailed description of the Good Practice

To support the work done in the framework of the NEW BRIDGES project “Strengthening of Quality of Life through improved management of urban rural interaction” Turku conducted a resident survey on the living preferences “On the border of city and countryside”.

The enquiry was effectuated to find out background reasons for living preferences. The specific preferences were examined through questions concerning current living preferences, provision of services, and mobility and transport issues. The enquiry was open on the web page of the city of Turku during Nov-Dec 2009. It was marketed on municipalities’ web pages and local newspapers in the Turku region. Political organisations and other interest groups that had participated in NEW BRIDGES project meetings were asked to disseminate the link. The enquiry was open for all but answers were especially desired from the residents living on the border areas of city and countryside, those areas that were the target of the Pilot Action implemented within the project.

quality of life
urban planning
stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

to find current trends and tendencies of the above mentioned areas, for the municipalities to use in developing the living areas to direction preferred by its inhabitants.

Participants of the Good Practice

Inhabitants of Turku city region
Interest groups within city planning

Target group of the Good Practice

The enquiry was targeted at all inhabitants in Turku. There were 6 specially targeted areas in the Turku region.

Funding of the Good Practice

with the financial assistance of the European Union (European Regional Development Fund within the BSR Programme)

More Details of the Good Practice

The enquiry had in total 545 respondents. Around 50% from those were from the specially targeted area.

The enquiry brought the city planners valuable information of the aspects that impact resident’s decision of their place of living.

Documentation and documents

NEW BRIDGES project http://www.urbanrural.net/

Available files

Contact details

Christina Hovi christina.hovi@turku.fi

Mr. Lauri Hooli
Project coordinator
Mob. +358 40 764 0683

Ms. Maija Rusanen
Communication coordinator
Mob. +358 44 9075994