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Cross-sectoral working group meeting


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Turku organised a Cross-sectoral working group (CSWG) meeting to support the implementation of a Pilot action for Varissuo-Littoinen with surroundings in the Framework of the NEW BRIDGES project. The aim of the Pilot Action was to strengthen the quality of life on the border of three municipalities by planning sustainable housing areas paying attention to housing preferences and accessibility of public transportation, and improving provision of services across municipal borders. The meeting was also linked to the wider process of preparing a common land-use strategy for the Turku Urban Region – the Structural model 2035.
The Cross-sectoral meeting was a great way to collect opinions from representatives of different sectors and share thoughts among the actors from different municipalities. It also brought valuable input to the implementation of the Pilot Action and confirmed to the group coordinating the NEW BRIDGES Pilot Action that the approach in implementation was correct and the selected methods appropriate.

quality of life
stakeholder involvement
urban planning

Objectives of the Good Practice

The purpose of the meeting was to gather all the relevant stakeholders related to the Pilot Action work together from the Turku Urban region to evaluate the current status of the work plan for the Pilot Action and bring their expert opinion to the process.

Participants of the Good Practice

representatives of municipalities
stakeholders representing different sectors

Funding of the Good Practice

This website has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union (European Regional Development Fund within the BSR Programme)

More Details of the Good Practice

The participants represented various municipalities and different organisations in the region. Some of the participants were new, but most of the participants had participated in the earlier meetings organized during the NEW BRIDGES project. Thus the principal purpose of the meeting was to give relevant information on the current status of the Pilot Action and involve the participants to evaluate the implementation of the plan. The meeting consisted of three parts: introductory presentations, a field trip to the focus area and an interactive workshop.

The meeting was started with presentations related to the topics of the Pilot Action. The coordinators of the Pilot Action presented idea plans on sustainable small scale housing and the sustainable mobility concept developed. The current state of the Turku Structural model process with different options was also presented. In addition results of a study conducted to gain more information from the households of the Pilot Action area were brought up. The participants had also possibility to evaluate the structure and the questions in the questionnaires prepared for youth and seniors about the services in the area that would be conducted as part of the process later.

The meeting was organized in the Varissuo-Littoinen area that was also the focus of the Pilot Action. The CSWG meeting included a field trip to different sites in the area to go to explore the local services in practice. That gave the participants a real insight in the local circumstances in the area and provided some background information for in the workshop.

The last part of the meeting was a workshop session where the participants were divided in two smaller groups to discuss and evaluate the plans presented earlier. The work groups functioned mostly as brainstorming in two groups each with a self-elected chairperson who presented the results later top the other group and a secretary appointed by the project, who made the notes. The plans presented earlier were discussed from the point of view of living environment and the service structure development.

Documentation and documents

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Contact details

City of Turku (FIN)
Christina Hovi
e-mail: christina.hovi(at)turku.fi

Mr. Lauri Hooli
Project coordinator
Mob. +358 40 764 0683

Ms. Maija Rusanen
Communication coordinator
Mob. +358 44 9075994