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Instrument for assessing city plans


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Now in Tampere, the strategically important plans and projects are selected by the planning division of the city government for an assessment carried out by experts group.
For each of the sustainability dimensions there is a separate group of experts composed of municipal officials.
Tampere City strategy objective in 2005: the development of assessment criteria for the sustainable development of strategically important projects.

  • sustainability assessment
  • city planning

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective was to create an assessment method for the ecological, social, cultural and economic impacts of projects.

  • decision-makers obtain an overview of the sustainable development impacts of the planned project
  • assessment of strategically important, large-scale projects that have been discussed by the planning section
  • assessments are qualitative and based on the experts' common understanding of the likely impacts of the planned project
  • assessment is carried out before the decision on project implementation is made

The planning section of the City board approved the criteria and decided to implement them in the beginning of 2006.

Participants of the Good Practice

The City of Tampere

Funding of the Good Practice

The City of Tampere

More Details of the Good Practice

Each sustainability element is assessed by various criteria. These assessment criteria have defined weighting. The assessment scale is from +3 to -3 (does the project have a positive or a negative impact on the assessed matter; is the impact major, moderate or minor). Using the assessment results and the weighting coefficients, a weighted average is calculated for each sustainability element. Results are presented in a graph and a short report and introduced to the planning section of the City board.

Documentation and documents

http://www.tampere.fi/kestavakehitys/hankearviointi (in Finnish)

Available files

Contact details

Antonia Sucksdorff
Environmental expert
City of Tampere

Data sources and references

Nordic-Baltic Aalborg Commitments network
Networkmeeting, Tampere 6 February 2008
Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2007