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disseminating and communicating sustainable development in the city


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Ecology Department of city of Panevezys (LT) organised a cross-sectoral dissemination and communication event with the focus on different dimensions of sustainable development; economics, environment, education and health. The event focused on concrete development issues: like every city, also Panevezys is facing certain challenges, including demographic change, unemployment and insufficient sustainable transportation measures, among others.
Thematically the event also discussed the trends of sustainable development not only on local, but also on regional and global level. Further, it addressed the different stakeholder groups of sustainable development: the municipal adminstration and sectors, international organisations and local NGOs.
In December 2007 the Lithuanian city of Panevezys organised a local dissemination event on sustainable development of the municpality. The conference demonstrated the wide range of cooperation and the active stakeholder involvement regarding the sustainability work of the city. It also discussed the current situation and future challenges both at the local, both also at the regional (BSR) and global level.

Also the different sustainable development dimensions within the city administration and its work were discussed with concrete examples. The city is currently implementing large scale investment project that aim to improve the economic situation as well as the employment rate of the city. The city also coordinating health prevention programmes and is implementing a Health programme planned with a wide cooperation. The city also has an active Nature school for children and youngsters. The Environmental department for the Panevezys region monitors the state of the environment and among other things cooperates with the region’s companies and industry to monitor the environment. Within the city administration it has been established a network, a local SMC, called Sustainable City of Panevezys, including several thematic working groups for sustainable development.

Objectives of the Good Practice

The event was a one day seminar. However,the roots of the successful event and its positive spirit date back to the last decade: the Lithuanian city of Panevezys has successfully developed their city’s sustainability management from the 90´s. More importantly, they have been extremely successful in promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and awaraness raising both among citizens and politicians. The active sustainable development work and the Agenda 21 of the city dates back to the 90´s , but despite the long traditions a lot of hard work has been required to achieve the current situation.

The local dissemination event in 2007 gathered together a wide representation of actors and sectors tackling the sustainable development related challenges in their every day work, and demonstrated the strong and already existing cooperation and communication between these stakeholders in Panevezys. Further it demonstrated the capacity of local and regional actors to understand the wider framework of sustainable development. In other words it succesfully discussed the links between local and global trends and actions.

Participants of the Good Practice

The seminar gathered about 20-30 key actors representing city administration (ecology, health, investments, mayors office), regional environmental department, nature school, NGOs (e.g.Bicycle club), and international organisations (Union of the Baltic Cities, ECAT-Lithuania, REC). During the day the participants presented the current developments in their sectors and fields and activly discussed the state of sustainable development in Panevezys, in the BSR and globally.

Target group of the Good Practice

The event was targeted to the stakeholders in the municpality of Panevezys.

Funding of the Good Practice

The local event was organised, and funded, as part of the Interreg IIIB project SUSTAINMENT -Integrated solutions for sustainability management in the Baltic cities.

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

See "Local dissemination events" on bottom of the page in SUSTAINMENT website: http://www.sustainment-project.net/content.php/main:activities/

Further information on sustainability management in Pnavezys, please refer to the "Managing sustainability plan of Panevezys" on SUSTAINMENT website: http://www.sustainment-project.net/content.php/main:outputs/

Same document is also available on online tool URBANworks: http://www.urbanworks-toolkit.eu/en/resources2.html

Available files

Contact details

Ms Zita Tverkute
Head, Dept.of Ecology
+370 455012136

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