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Information Centre for Water


Detailed description of the Good Practice

An information centre for water and water environment was inaugurated in Hyllie Watertower in Malmö. The centre was the most modern in Skåne, and it is built as a water adventure on two floors, a combination of informative entertainment and education. The intention was that the watertower shall be a symbol for knowledge, education, research and product development in the water field in the countries around the Baltic Sea, i.e., that it shall become an international education centre.
The WaterEvent shall also in a funny and exciting way raise the knowledge of school children in the area about the water cycle and the water supply of the society.The watertower offers the enterprises neutral and representative premises for national and international meetings with customers. Furthermore, college and university students can easily get in contact with enterprises in the field. The youth will also be offered information about higher level study possibilities.

awareness rising
environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

To shape an information centre about water issues, to teach people in a playfull way and with that raise the awareness for water issues, its protection, consumption etc.

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Malmö

Target group of the Good Practice

The good practice was aimed for the citizens of Malmö in general, enterprises, school children and students in particular.

Funding of the Good Practice

The budget for the project is SEK 6 million. It includes rebuilding of the premises, flood-lighting of the tower, all installations and audio-visual equipment. The financiers are the water treatment plants in Malmö and Sydvatten.

More Details of the Good Practice

A reference group consisting of approximately ten teachers have given ideas and tips for the activities in the tower. The cooperation with this group has lead to the use of multimedia for explaining models, flows and courses of events. Both video and computer products will be developed for the use of adults and children visiting the tower. The centre will also have online connections to the water purification plant and the waste water treatment plant.

Available files

Contact details

Teresa Magnusson
Tel: +46 40 343 769
Fax: +46 40 341 448

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 1/1998