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Clean Workplace


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Clean Workplace!project has, as an environmental project, played a particularly important role in the municipality’s efforts to achieve sustainable development. The idea behind Clean Workplace! is that by being a good example you inspire others to follow suit. Each workplace appoints two or more key persons to be trained in the Clean Workplace methodology. Together with their coworkers they devise an action plan containing measures to reduce the workplace’s environmental impact. The results at all participating workplaces are followed up through get-togethers, study visits, courses and by support from the project office.The project has been a great success. In January 1998, 200 workplaces (of the total 240 workplaces in the municipality’s organization) were voluntarily participating in the project. Over 4500 employees were actively involved in this work; people at day-care centers, schools, those caring for the elderly and others, officeworkers and peolple at a number of other workplaces such as garages, sewage treatment plants, gardening etc.
The project has not only hepled in saving the environmnet but it has also saved money. A report in 1996 proved that the participating workplaces saved in the range of SEK 1,4 million annually by reducing waste volumes, being more efficient in purchasing and so forth.

awareness rising
sustainable lifestyle

Objectives of the Good Practice

Timeframe: 1993-1998

Objective: to introduce aspects of environmental sound working and sustainability issues to the work places. The benefits were both monetary savings and rising awareness.

Participants of the Good Practice

UBC Womens network, City of Sundsvall

Target group of the Good Practice

employees, officers

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Marie-Louise Henriksson
Project Leader
Tel +46 60 191398
Fax +46 60 128191

UBC Womens network
Hjördis Höglund
Tel +46 60 122241

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/1998