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eServices for citizens


Detailed description of the Good Practice

One of the priorities of the city´s development today is innovative production, ICT development and high quality services for its citizens. To develp and and strenghten its forerunning position in the ICT development for municpal governance and regional development the city has carried out four pilot actions:

1) organising international ePetrozavodsk Conference 2007
2) implementing eDocuments archive for citizen use
3) opening of Public internet access centres on remote district libraries
4) Information system on medical and social services

The good practise developed in the city administration of Petrozavodsk deals with thematic fields of ICT based service restructuring; eGovernment, eHealth and public access management.

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main objective of these actions has been to support the introducing of IT into the municipal administration.

More specifically, the aim of the 5th international ePetrozavodsk Conference 2007 was to bring together 150 ICT specialists. The conference provides the municplaities a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and learn from each other. The aim of the second pilot, eDocument archive was to incorporate it to the official portal of the city. The archive provides all the official city documents in electronial format for the citizens use.The main goal of the thrid pilot, the internet access centres, wash to bring authorities closer to people, make their decisions more transparent and involve citizens more in the city development.
The 4th component aimed to provide access to up-to-date information about the city´s social and health care system and availability as well as serahc engine for medications.

These actions have supported the implementation of several city plans and programmes,such as the City Strategic Development plan, Health care development in Petrozavodsk until 2010 All these pilots were implemented by 2007 and currently succesfully in use.

Participants of the Good Practice

The above mentioned eServices have been implemented by the city administration of Petrozavodsk

Target group of the Good Practice

The main target of the eServices hasbeen the citizens of Petrozavodsk.

Funding of the Good Practice

The above described four-pack of eServices has been part of a international project called ASAP-Efficient Administrative Structures as a Prequisite for Succesful Economic and Social Development of Rural Areas in Demographic Transition. The projec was part financed by the EU within the BSR INTERREG IIIB Neighbourhood Programme. The city of Petrozavodsk particpated as partner in the proejct.

More Details of the Good Practice

These actions are being seen as supporting parts in a larger effort of developing ICT based service for the citizens of Petrozavodsk and closely linked to the main goals of the city development. Based on these project experiences new directions are visible: directions that can be effective instruments for city´s develoment in the future.

Documentation and documents

ASAP project website materials: http://www.asap-bsr.eu/

Available files

Contact details

Lead Partner
Ludwigslust County
Mr. Joachim Müller
Garnisonsstr. 1
19288 Ludwigslust, Germany

Phone: +49 3874 624 2094
Fax: +49 3874 624 2000

Data sources and references

Rethinking rural development -Results from the ASAP project (2007)