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Bicycle pilots and ambassadors


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In April 1999, the Municipality of Växjö signed contracts with 9 willing people and provided them with new bicycles and other necessary equipment. Five people were established as “bicycle pilots” and the other four people as “bicycle ambassadors”. This campaign was part of a Fossil Fuel Free Växjö project designed to stop the increase in car traffic.
For the pilots, the hardest part was changing accustomed travel patterns. All were
formerly routine car drivers but had recognised the value of better health, saved money, and an improved environment by shifting to biking. Becoming a “bicycle pilot” gave them the motivation they needed to change their lifestyles. The ambassadors,
as one might guess, had the objective of persuading other people to
use bicycles instead of cars. All ambassadors had been avid bikers before.

sustainable transport, cycling

Objectives of the Good Practice

the conscious shift from driving cars to using bicycles on short trips in to Växjö.
The project was meant to be marketing tool for bicycles use. Bernefits were: environmental aspects --> saving of CO2, CO, HC, NOx
Improvement of health status for pilots
economic savings

Participants of the Good Practice

bicycle pilots and ambassadors, Växjö Kommun

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens in general

More Details of the Good Practice

The contract with the pilots demanded that they shift from cars to bikes for the majority of their daily transportation. Their incentive was that they could buy the equipment aftre one year for an 80% reduction in price. The ambassadors had a similar incentive with the hopes that it would encourage them to convince as many people as possible to bike instead of drive. The difference was, that the reduction in price was directly related to the number of people they could enlist.

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