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City Goods Delivery Co-operation


Detailed description of the Good Practice

City centres are also centres of trade which means delivery of goods on a daily basis. The transport policy in Aalborg aims to secure sustainable development and this policy is directed also towards delivery: it is aimed to be transformed more effective and environmentally friendly. A new measure to accomplish this was introduced in January 2003. It’s the introduction of voluntary cooperation between four of the major goods distributors in the Aalborg area. The cooperation ensures that a minimum of vehicles enter the city centre by sharing the same vehicles to deliver packages. Other companies can also use the service to get a package delivered by the partners by paying a small fee.

Future plans are to introduce an electric driven vehicle to deliver the goods in the city centre and to have more than one person in each van/lorry to speed up the deliveries.

  • Sustainable urban transport
  • Goods delivery

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objectives:

  • to reduce noise pollution
  • to improve air quality in the city centre
  • to decrease time spent to delivering goods
  • to reduce damage on pavements

Participants of the Good Practice

  • City of Aalborg (initiator)
  • Private freight operators (Danske Fragtmænd A/S, Danzas ASG/A-post, GLS-Pakke-Trans, Post Danmark);
  • Shopkeepers in the city centre

Target group of the Good Practice

  • Shopkeepers in the city centre
  • Citizens

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Malene Kofoed Nielsen
Trafik & Og Veje
Aalborg Kommune - Teknik- og Miljøforvaltningen
Stigsborg Brygge
DK-59400 Nørresundby
Phone number : +45 99 312 341
E-mail: man-teknik@aalborg.dk; Trafik.Veje@aalborg.dk
Website: www.aalbkom.dk

Data sources and references

www.smile-europe.org (Visited on the 16th of October 2008)