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Copenhagen First Cycle Policy for 2002-2012


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Copenhagen is widely known as the city of cyclists. Cycling as a functional training is relatively popular: One out of three Copenhageners cycles to work. In the Copenhagen Traffic Improvement Plan for the years 2002-2012 its role in commuting is intended to be made even greater.

The purpose of the Cycle Policy, subsection of the Traffic Improvement Plan, is to draw attention to the fact that cycling is an environmentally desirable and effective mode of transport, and also to coordinate initiatives for improvements in cycling conditions.

Sustainable urban transport, urban planning, cycling

Objectives of the Good Practice


  • to increase the proportion of cycling in commuting
  • to decrease the amount of cycling casualties
  • to improve cyclists’ security, comfort and traveling speed over long distances

(Some) methods to reach the objectives:

  • information & communication
  • a free cycle track map is regularly published by the municipality
  • another campaign worth mentioning is the annual “We bike to work” campaign in which the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Federation of Cyclists jointly participate
  • physical improvements: cycle tracks and reinforced cycle lanes, green cycle routes, combination of cycling and public transport, bicycle parking, improvement of cycling conditions in the city centre, signal intersections, cycle track maintenance and cleaning
  • to make driving more difficult and expensive

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Copenhagen

Target group of the Good Practice

Citizens of Copenhagen

Funding of the Good Practice

In 2002, the municipal budget for road construction was DKK 60 million, one third of which was earmarked for the improvement of cycling conditions.

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

http://www.kk.dk/vejpark.aspx (in Danish)

Available files

Contact details

Niels Jensen
City of Copenhagen, Roads and Parks Department
DK-2300 Copenhagen
Phone number : +45 33 663 569
E-mail : nijen@btf.kk.dk
Website : www.vejpark.kk.dk

Data sources and references

http://www.smile-europe.org (Visited on the 17th of October 2008)