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Environmental Education for Children


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The city of Elblag has actively used the local massmedia to popularise environmental issues. A very important idea is to start awareness raising already from the school and kindergarten age. Sustainable thinking will be natural part of peoples´ life if they learn to act early enough.In kindergarden, children are taught how to act and at the same time develop own open attitude to life and environment. Children and parents are encouraged to give their effort in saving natural resources. No doubt childrens´ influence on their parents opinions can be considerable. A good example about learning process and also about spreading good practices in general is that of a visit of Elblag school representatives to Sweden, which inspired them to establish a school club of LA 21. Especially schools have been in very essential role when raising awareness in Elblag. Different contests and meetings concerning environmental questions have encouraged both children and adults to consider and also implement concrete plans and actions of Agenda 21.The City of Elblag has also offered concrete possibilities for instance to implement different acts. One of them is participating in “Clean Vistula River and Clean Rivers of the CoastArea”-ecological program. This is an educational program, which uses results of school monitoring of environment. Some of the main purposes of the program are to get environmentalinformation, examine changes which take place in the environment, prepare results and make conclusions, teach rules on how to manage natural resources etc. This program is addressed to schools and to whole local communities.

environmental education
awareness rising

Objectives of the Good Practice

The most essential aim is to increase the
ecological awareness and to improve municipal environment.

Benefits are a higher awareness about environmnetal issues with both children and parents.

Participants of the Good Practice

schools, kindergardens

Target group of the Good Practice

children, kindergardens, schools

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

EnvEducation_Elblag.pdf1.83 MiB

Contact details

Jolanta Warzecha
Tel: +48 55 239 31 00

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 1/2000