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Containment of a Disposal Site


Detailed description of the Good Practice

An old waste disposal site was located near the harbor. It was filled with municipal and hazardous waste especially from the petroleum industry between 1930 and 1964. Heavy metals, hydrocarbons and chlorinated hydrocarbons were being detected. The size of the area is 7.4 hectares. The dumped materials have a volume of 450,000 m3 down to a depth of 7 m below surface. At the bottom of the waste there is a natural soft layer stratum of clay. Its thickness is between 2.5 m and 8 m. Therefore it forms an effective barrier against contaminant transport.
Because of its dimension it would have been too expensive to excavate the whole dumping site and to decontaminate the hazardous waste. Therefore it was remediated by containment: At first the area was enclosed by a sheet pile wall, which was rammed into the soil to interrupt the horizontal contaminant flow into the groundwater or into the harbour surface water nearby. Then the surface was sealed to prevent the intrusion of rain and water from snow melt. Methane emerging from the municipal waste is discharged by gas wells.
The surface sealing has been constructed as a trafficable asphalt layer system in order to use the site as a container storage area.

Waste management

Objectives of the Good Practice

Objective: Preventing toxic waste getting to the ground water & sea
Benefits: Containment completed successfully; The area was transformed into a container storage area which helps the city of Hamburg to get back at least a portion of the remediation costs.

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Hamburg

Funding of the Good Practice

City of Hamburg

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

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Contact details

Dr Ralf Kilger

The State Ministry of Urban Development and the Environment
Division for Remediation

Address: Billstrasse 84, D-20539 Hamburg, Germany
Phone: +4940/42845-3542
email: ralf.kilger@bsu.hamburg.de