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Kotka Energy


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Energy company “Kotka Energy Ltd” is 100 % owned by the town of Kotka. In recent years Kotka has accomplished remarkable results combating climate change. The measures have been (1) promoting district heating and CHP; (2) investing in wind power; (3) replacing coal by natural gas; (4) investing in biofuel boiler plant; and (5) Kotka Energy is also constructing a new modern municipal waste incineration plant in order to produce industrial steam, electricity and district heat in CHP-process.

  • Energy
  • Sustainable energy production
  • Climate change mitigation

Objectives of the Good Practice

Objectives: To reduce CO2-emissions, environmentally friendly energy production

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Kotka, Kotka Energy Ltd

More Details of the Good Practice

In 2003 Kotka Energy built a biofuel power plant of 65 MW in Hovinsaari. Total investment cost of the plant was 25 MEUR. Because the plant is situated nearby the down-town of Kotka, it was paid special attention to the purification of combustion gases. Combustion gases are decontaminated at first by an electric filter and after that by a flue gas scrubber. Ash, particles and dust are removed by electric filter (resolution 99,82 % of particles). Gaseous impurities are removed by flue gas scrubber so that the total resolution for entire plant is 99,94 %.

The biofuel boiler plant burns wood fuels as bark, saw dust, wood chips, wood residues, recycled wood and energy crops. In addition to these also milled peat and REF1 (recycled fuel) are burned. This CHP-plant is producing the base load of the district heat in Kotka, process steam and electricity for Danisco xylitol factory and electricity for Norpool.

Kotka has done remarkable results combating climate change when promoting district heating and CHP. During 40 years period district heating has grown up the most important heating system in Kotka with the market share of 55 %. The advantage of district heating and CHP compared to the individual oil heating and to the separate condensing electricity production based on coal is enormous. The annual reductions of CO2-emissions are 180.000 tons.

Kotka Energy has also done important changes in fuel usage of Hovinsaari power plant. Originally the old power plant was utilising coal. Ten years ago Kotkan Energia invested in combined cycle gas turbine using natural gas. In 2003 we invested in the biofuel boiler plant. These investments concluded in the annual reduction of 100.000 tons of CO2-emissions.

In addition to the above mentioned measures Kotkan Energia has invested in wind power of two 1 MW units. We have district heating boiler plant burning the biogas coming from Kotka’s old dump. We are also utilizing energy crops having some 500 ha field agreed with farmers to be used for fuel production. With these measures Kotka is reducing CO2 -emissions annually with 30.000 tons.

Kotkan Energia is also constructing a new modern municipal waste incineration plant in order to produce industrial steam, electricity and district heat in CHP-process. Construction started in 2006 and the plant will be in operation by the end of 2008. This plant will decrease CO2 -emissions annually with 80.000 tons.

All together the above mentioned CO2-emission reductions in Kotka are 390.000 tons a year, which is about 30 % of the total emissions from all energy and industrial production in the region of the municipality of Kotka.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Kotka Energy.pdf5.13 MiB

Contact details

Pekka Sihvonen
Vice president of Kotkan Energia Oy,
UBC Energy Committee Board Member


 City Hall, P.L. 205
 FIN-48101 KOTKA

Phone: +358 44 7099 500
E-mail: pekka.sihvonen@kotkanenergia.fi

Data sources and references

http://www.nova.artisan.se/Kotka.asp (Visited on the 3dr of November 2008)
Environmental bulletin 2/07