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Energy Saving at Primary School


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Jääli Primary School has more than 440 students. The school building was built in 1974 and extended twenty years later. The volume of the building is slightly under 19,000 cubic metres. An energy audit was made in Jääli Primary School in autumn 1999. Before the audit, the specific consumptions of the building were 49 kWh/m3/a of heating energy, 12 kWh/m3/a of electricity and 0.10m3/m3/a of water. The energy audit revealed a total energy-saving potential of 17%, with an emphasis on heating energy. Calculations indicated that an investment of 1,350€ would result in an annual energy cost saving of about 8,900€.

Adjusting measures bring the main energy cost savings and require no investment. For example, operating schedules of ventilation systems can be adjusted, the temperature of domestic hot water can be lowered and the air flow can be reduced by 50% in subzero weather. It was proposed that the control system of the supply air unit in the old part of the building be modernised.

All energy saving measures that were possible without investments have now been implemented at Jääli Primary School. Repairing and re-adjusting the steering arm of the control damper motor of the heat recovery unit were the main measures taken. With these measures alone, they save thousands of euros annually.

Energy saving

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective was to save energy and through that financial resources.

Participants of the Good Practice

  • Jääli Primary School in Kiiminki, Finland
  • Motiva Oy

Target group of the Good Practice

The school benefited from the project, both finanicially and in contributing to saving energy.

Funding of the Good Practice

Self-providing (in the long run)

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

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Contact details

Motiva Oy
P.O. Box 489, FIN-00101 Helsinki
Tel. +358 9 8565 3100, fax +358 9 8565 3199