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1,000 Green Taxis for Berlin


Detailed description of the Good Practice

One Thousand Green Taxis for Berlin - Tausend Umwelt Taxis für Berlin (TUT) - is a model project realized as a public-private partnership. Its purpose is to encourage the use of environmentally friendly vehicles.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an environmentally friendly - and also economical - option compared to diesel or gasoline. Using it can remarkably reduce the environmental load of congested areas in cities.

The project idea was to increase the use of CNG fuelled vehicles by admitting grants to taxi drivers and driving schools when purchasing one. In addition, the project consisted of extending the CNG filling station infrastructure in Berlin and of nationwide information campaign.

Sustainable transport

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective was to reduce the amount of traffic pollution and to promote the use of green vehicles.

The duration of the project: September 2001 - December 2006

Participants of the Good Practice

  • German Federal Ministry of the Environment
  • Berlin Senate Department of Urban Development
  • Berlin Senate Department of Economy, Labour and Women
  • Gas companies (GASAG, Ruhrgas, VNG)
  • Berlin taxi association
  • Car producers and retailers
  • Companies operating fuel stations
  • Taxi companies
  • Driving schools

Target group of the Good Practice

  • Taxis and driving school vehicles

Funding of the Good Practice

  • 4.1 million Euros from Federal Government
  • 10 new CNG filling stations: 4 Million Euro + 3 Million Euros for the fuel vouchers and communication (GASAG)

More Details of the Good Practice

In 2001 the involved actors signed the TUT agreement which was to increase the number of compressed natural gas (CNG) powered taxis up to 1 000 and support the introduction of 100 CNG powered cars in driving schools. The scheme is to award grants with earlier applicants receiving higher grants.

Taxi drivers and driving schools can apply for up to 4 600 Euro (without obligation of repayment) for the purchase of a natural gas fuelled car (grant from Federal Ministry of Environment) and also fuel vouchers (from GASAG AG). Although a CNG powered car remains rather expensive, the gas is nearly 30% cheaper than diesel or 50% cheaper than gasoline. It also produces fewer emissions: 20% less carbon dioxide and half of carbon monoxide. In addition to that, the engines are quieter than diesel- or gasoline-run cars. At the beginning of the project there were not enough CNG filling stations in Germany but the situation is gradually changing.

Furthermore the gas company GASAG has pledged to maintain CNG’s competitive price (30% below the price of diesel). GASAG has increased the network of CNG filling stations in Berlin from two to 13 to date.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

TUT - Tausend Umwelt-Taxis für Berlin
Reichpietschufer 60
10785 Berlin
+49 30 78 72 3848

Data sources and references

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe - Estonian office
(Visited on the 7th of November 2008)

German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection and Reactor Security:
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