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Innovative Energy Exhibition


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In 2001, the Swedish government proposed that all Swedish, EU and international climate-policy related measures should be brought together in a single coherent national climate strategy, which could be effectively communicated to all members of society, young and old. This inspired Norrbottens Energikontor AB, Norrbotten Energy Network (NENET) to establish a joint initiative with a local science centre, Teknikens Hus, whose goal is to stimulate interest in science and technology among children from 6-16. An innovative energy exhibition was created as a result.

The exhibition was built in three interconnected sections covering: principles of energy production and climate change; technical solutions and personal choice; and a combined theatre and small cinema. The latter showed an animated film and was used for interactive drama activities. The exhibition was a real success: it has been booked for display in different cities for several years to come.

Climate change, awareness raising, environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

To find innovative ways of environmental education.

The grasping of Climate project was carried out between January 2003 and June 2005.

Target group of the Good Practice

Children and their teachers

Funding of the Good Practice

Total budget: €852500
Funding was provided by the European Commission, the Swedish Energy Agency,
Svensk fjärrvärme (a trade association of district heating companies), the Swedish Road Administration, Banverket Northern Region (the national Swedish rail administration), the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten and the City of Luleå. Many other national and regional organizations in Norrbotten (among them, Luleå University of Technology) have also contributed ideas, funding and equipment to the exhibition.

More Details of the Good Practice

The Swedish team cooperated with French and English partners and similar projects were realized also in those countries. Their collective aim was to inspire teachers and pupils to work with energy issues in the classroom and provide them with the necessary tools, ideas and knowledge to do so. An inspirational guidebook for teachers was created.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Norrbottens Energikontor AB (NENET)
Västra varvsgatan 11
SE-972 36 Luleå
Tel: +46 920 94121
Fax: +46 920 94125

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(Visited on the 10th of November 2008)