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Nature School Korento


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Nature School Korento in Tampere supports environmental education of day care and schools. It offers nature school days and “environmental agent”- trainings for pupils free of charge. It also organizes summer camps, training for educators and support to “Green Flag”-schools. The Nature School is part of Environmental Services and Urban Environmental Development-process of City of Tampere and for its own part it takes care of the municipality’s legal obligation to educate and instruct citizens in matters connected to environmental protection.

Environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

To inform and enlighten young citizens about environmental matters.

Participants of the Good Practice

City if Tampere

Target group of the Good Practice

Children, schools

More Details of the Good Practice

  • Nature School Day is experiential, facts are learned by one’s own discoveries, tales, games and sense perceptions.
  • Nature School trains “environmental agents”, pupils who are to promote the concept of sustainable development in their respective schools.

Documentation and documents

http://koulut.tampere.fi/luontokoulu/ (in Finnish)

Available files

Contact details

Tampereen luontokoulu Korento
Niemikyläntie 14
FIN-34260 Terälahti
E-Mail: luontokoulu@tampere.fi

Data sources and references

(Visited on 17th of November 2008)