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E-community development in a rural area


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Võru County in Estonia modernized its library system and created more equal opportunities to its citizens to have access to the Internet.

Sustainable Rural Area Development

Objectives of the Good Practice

• To build a technical and logical network of county libraries;
• Create free Internet access points to provide Internet connections to all inhabitants in the county;
• Provide training and e-learning opportunities in order to close the ‘digital gap’ and prevent ‘IT illiteracy’.

Participants of the Good Practice

  • Local municipalities
  • Võru County
  • Estonian Ministry of Culture
  • Estonian National Library

Target group of the Good Practice

Citizens of Võru County

More Details of the Good Practice


• Electronic catalogues in nearly all rural libraries and a regional database of books and readers;
• Additional value for county libraries which helped them to get the necessary funding nationally and locally;
• More attractive image of county libraries for local inhabitants;
• Improvement of public services in rural areas;
• Free Internet access point in every library;
• Training sessions for users;
• Active cooperation network between libraries and local municipalities;
• Good cooperation between libraries to prevent to the closure of rural libraries;
• Thanks to the projects, a regional association of libraries was created in order to apply for additional funding not dependent on governmental support.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Go to “ekataloog RIKSWEB” for an overview of the catalogue which is also available in Russian and English

County Government
Juri 12, 65620 Võru, Estonia
Phone: +3727868335
E-mail: Liina@mv.werro.ee

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