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ITIC – Intermodal Travel Information Centre


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Good information on alternatives to the car is a basis to an environmentally friendly choice of mobility modes. With the improved information, new customers can be won for public transport services.

Sustainable urban transport

Objectives of the Good Practice

To improve customer services and information, an Intermodal Travel Information Centre (ITIC) was opened at Domsheide in Bremen in November 2002. In this centre, customers get information on and tickets for all public transport operators in the whole region, including information on Car Sharing Services.

Participants of the Good Practice

The ITIC is mainly realised by BSAG as the main public transport operator in the area, in co-operation with Cambio, Stadtauto (Car sharing provider) and the representatives of around 35 public transport operators.

Target group of the Good Practice

Citizens & tourists

More Details of the Good Practice

The Northwest region is an area of 8.400 sq. kilometers with 1.8 million inhabitants in and around Bremen. The region is served by local buses, trams, local/regional trains and long distance rail connections. About 35 public transport operators are active. Domsheide is the main public transport interchange in the inner city at the edge of the pedestrian area. Here, an ITIC has been established, converting the ground floor of a former garage. On a premise of about 200 m2, six desks for information, ticket sales etc. are realised.

Some examples of the information given are:

  • Door-to-door-information for the whole city including maps with walking connections between the stop and the final destination (based on the address);
  • Estimation of travel time and fares for taxis in intermodal trips (in conjunction with public transport) and/or a single taxi trip;
  • Information about Bike and Ride;
  • Integration of local public transport information into the nation wide public transport information system (based on integrated access to EFA data base, HAFAS and other nation wide systems);
  • Intermodal offers and services (e.g. with taxi, car sharing, integrated tourist offers etc.);
  • “EnterdeckerCard” – An all-inclusive electronic ticket for regional PT and all tourist facilities in the region, stored on a bank account card with chip or on a specially designed chip card;
  • All tickets for the region and different types of season ticket contracts (in co-operation with 34 different operators) for all modes of public transport are available.

These offers are made possible for the whole region, as all public transport operators are members in the Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen (VBN) – the co-operation for public transport operations.

Information is given in person, by fax, by phone or at self-service terminals with internet access. Customer access to timetables and fares is also realised by internet. Equipment for electronic cash and loading chip cards has been implemented. As most information is based on electronic database BSAG and VBN are rearranging their internet platforms and making them barrier free. In close co-operation with car sharing operator Cambio, the staff members of the public transport operators are also trained services on car sharing. Clients can apply for membership or book car sharing cars. A car sharing site is included on the premises.

Based on existing experience it is expected to have more then 350.000 requests per year to support environmentally friendly travel. The public transport internet platform of the ITIC registers more then 700.000 requests for travel information per month. Over the first few months there has been a significant rise in the level of requests by customers.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Bremer Straßenbahn AG
Flughafendamm 12
28199 Bremen
Telephone: 0421- 5596-0
Fax: 0421- 5596-302

Michael Glotz-Richter
Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
Senate for Environment, Construction, Transport and European Affairs
Senior Project Manager on Sustainable Mobility
E-mail: bustrip@umwelt.bremen.de

Data sources and references