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Stone Age Park


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Archaeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf (AOEZA) has been working on the aim to re-establish a cultural landscape from the Neolithic from about 5.000 years ago on an area of about 80 acres. To realize the idea the project has taken the following concrete steps: By a mostly natural, but on the base of a landscape-plan controlled development the AOEZA has established a type of landscape which reminds in its structure, proportion and in other aspects of a Neolithic environment. The principle theme for the landscape-development is half-open pasture woodland, which is formed by the domestic animals of the farmers. The domestic animals sheep and cattle of old species have already begun with their ‘work’ for the landscape-development. In the second step the AOEZA built up a ‘Neolithic village’ as an open-air museum on the project area in the immediate neighborhood of original prehistoric grave monuments.

The Stone Age Park offers a lot of activities: e.g. offers for school groups including excursions to the stone age, flint stones and fire making and painting with natural colours, and organizing children’s birthdays in the park / museum.

Sustainable local tourism

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • Development of Cultural and Natural Tourism in the Albersdorf Geest region.
  • Marketing strategy with a focus on education and information about less known historical and cultural facts, taking into account an approach of sustainable tourism.

Participants of the Good Practice

Support Society for the Archeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf

Target group of the Good Practice

tourists, schools, kindergardens, citizens

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents


Available files

Contact details

Support Society for the Archeological-Ecological Centre Albersdorf
Mr. Rüdiger Kelm
Bahnhofstrase 23
D-25767 Albersdorf
phone: +49 4835 950293
fax: +49 4835 979797
email: info@aoeza.de

Data sources and references


(Visited on the 20th of November 2008)