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Waste Management


Detailed description of the Good Practice

A Pilot Project (PP) of selective collection of waste in selected districts, and a preparation of a feasibility study including recycling of industrial waste – plastic, glass, and paper.

In May 2001, Gdansk started to implement the projectin selected city districts. It was accompanied by information campaign through citizens (posters, leaflets, picnic). Extra
containers for recycled materials (for paper, glass, plastics, cans of aluminium
and biowaste) were supplied where needed. Every household was also supplied with small biowaste basket. Used batteries are collected in special “pockets” of glass containers and overdue medicines in containers placed in drugstores. Toxic household waste, such as chemicals, fluorescent lamps, mercury – in – glass thermometers and electronic equipment
can be taken to a special car driving round the districts in appointed time. Periodically collection of constructional and balky waste is also organised.

waste management

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main objective of the Pilot Project is selective collection of various types of household waste including hazardous waste and biowaste with maximum services ensured by the city.

Participants of the Good Practice

The preparation and realization of PP was coordinated by the Gdañsk City Hall

Funding of the Good Practice

Dutch Ministry (MATRA Fund)

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Waste Management_Gdansk.pdf469.89 KiB

Contact details

Jadwiga Kopec
Monika Piotrowska-Szpryt
Tel/Fax: +48 58 3026370

Data sources and references

UBC Environmental Bulletin 2/01