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Landfill Gas Utilisation and Energy Generation


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Lapes landfill site near the city of Kaunas was modernized in a Joint Implementation project during the years 2006-2008, as a result of which the amount of emissions has reduced considerably.

Climate change mitigation

Objectives of the Good Practice


To use landfill gas (biogas) extracted from the Lapes landfill site, located near the city of Kaunas, for heat and power co-generation.


Emission reductions through the destruction of methane emissions from the landfill and the displacement of CO2 from heat and electricity production.

Participants of the Good Practice

The Lapes Landfill Gas Utilisation project is a Joint Implementation project developed between Lithuania and the investor countries and companies of the Baltic Sea Region Testing Ground Facility (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Germany, DONG Naturgas, Fortum, Kymppivoima, Keravan Energia, Gasum, Vapo and Vattenfall). The JI project was procured by NEFCO on behalf of TGF (in its capacity as Fund Manager to the Facility). The project developer and owner is the privately owned company, UAB Ekoresursai.

Funding of the Good Practice

The project was procured by NEFCO (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) on behalf of TGF.

More Details of the Good Practice

The project developer will construct a landfill gas extraction system at the landfill, including extraction, gas cleaning, pumping and flaring components. A combined heat and power (CHP) plant with an electrical capacity of 1.1 MWe and heat capacity of 1.4 MWth will be installed. A 12 km pipeline connection will be made between the landfill and the CHP unit. Natural gas will be used as a support fuel in the engine. The flaring system will be used when the engine is not running and for safety reasons.

Although a conventional technology with widespread application throughout the world, this project will be the first of its kind in Lithuania. Technology risks are low.

The investment project will result in an emission reduction of AAUs 21,000 and ERUs 167,000 tCO2e. The emission reductions are purchased by the TGF.

Available files

Contact details

UAB Ekoresursai

Address: Savanoriu 159 A,
LT - 03150 Vilnius - 9, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 2311 472; +370 5 2361 938
Fax: +370 5 2361 937
E-mail: nh@newheat.lt
Internet: www.newheat.lt

Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

Postal address: P.O. Box 249, FIN-00171 Helsinki, Finland
Visiting address: Fabianinkatu - Fabiansgatan 34
Telephone: +358 10 618 003
Fax: +358 9 630 976
E-mail: info@nefco.fi
Internet: www.nefco.org

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(Visited on the 16th of December 2008)