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Climate Forum Malmö


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In connection to an inventory of climate change related activities in the city of Malmö, made by the city’s Environment department in 2004, it became obvious that a lot of activities were going on and that many different actors were involved. Those who where active, showed a great interest in knowing what other actors were doing in order to be able to find new partners and also to get inspiration and new knowledge. The environment department decided to invite possible stakeholders to a meeting to discuss the possibility to form a climate arena. A lot of people from different organisations attended the meeting and it was decided that a workshop should be carried out in order to be more specific about what could and should be done within a climate arena. The workshop resulted in an action plan and a communication plan and the arena was formed. The arena was named “Climate Forum Malmö”.

Stakeholder involvement
Climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • Create links between climate change actors in Malmö and facilitate cooperation between them,
  • Support the actors in their work,
  • Facilitate exchange of knowledge and ideas between the actors,
  • Make the work of the actors visible to the inhabitants of Malmö, and
  • Raise the level of knowledge about climate change, both among the actors in the arena and among the inhabitants of Malmö.

The time frame has been three years to start with, 2005-2008, but the aim is to continue the work after 2008.

Participants of the Good Practice

The Environment Department of Malmö City is hosting the arena. The work is coordinated by a
climate change office. The department finances a half time employment that is shared by two persons.

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

City of Malmö

More Details of the Good Practice

The actors meet six times a year. The meeting programmes are planned by the climate office together with the actors. The actors take turn in hosting the meetings (among those who has the facilities and means). The meetings are mostly breakfast meetings, 1.5-2 hours long. At every meeting it is decided when the next meeting will take place and who is going to host it. At the meeting the host is given the opportunity to present the host organisation and its work with climate change issues. This facilitates the knowledge exchange and the actors get to know each other better. Twice a year the Forum arranges full day seminars. The first seminar was held in May 2005 and since then there has been various seminars with different themes. Invitations to the seminars are sent to professionals in the area of environment and energy but the public is also welcome. The seminars give more knowledge about climate change and inspiration to continue the work. Every seminar has a theme and about 100 persons have attended each seminar.

Internal communication
The newsletter is distributed via e-mail according to a sending list that has been set up. Anyone who is
interested can sign on this list. The newsletter contains the following:
• Information about climate change activities in Malmö and the world around,
• Information about coming meetings and seminars,
• Information about project applications, financing, etc., and
• Interviews with the actors about their ongoing work and their thoughts about the arena. The citizens of Malmö can find information about the Forum on the city’s web site malmo.se. There they find general information about the forum, its aims and objectives, information about climate change and about ongoing activities. At the start of the climate arena there were discussions whether the arena should have its own website or not. Up till now the actors have not seen that it is needed to have a special site that also needs to be frequently updated by someone, which takes a lot of time.

External communication
How the external communication should be handled is stated in a “Communication plan for Climate Forum Malmö” (that exists so far only in Swedish). To facilitate the communication and to make the arena more visible, a graphic profile was created during spring 2005. There were also plans to develop information material about climate change, but later this was considered to be unnecessary due to the fact that there was already such material available.

The arena has been a good platform for gaining new knowledge and finding new project partners. It
has also been a good source to get a better view of what is happening in the area of climate change,
both in Malmö and in the rest of the world. The meetings have been fruitful although many actors
have found it hard to attend, due to lack of time. The actors that are attending the meetings, 15-20
persons, not always the same, have been very satisfied with the meetings and do not want the numbers
of participants to increase, because the small number of people allows everyone to join the discussions
and everybody get to know each other well. The seminars have gathered around 100 persons each and
the feed back afterwards has been enthusiastic.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Arena building.pdf1.63 MiB

Contact details

Environment Department
City of Malmö
205 80 MALMÖ Sweden
Telephone: 040-34 10 00
E-mail: malmostad@malmo.se

Data sources and references

Report 2 of the BEE project (2007)

(Visited on January 13th 2009)