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SYSAV – Intermunicipal waste treatment


Detailed description of the Good Practice

SYSAV – the Waste Management Company for southern Skåne – is owned by 14 municipalities concerned. One of them is Burlöv. The company was established in 1974 and its business concept is “To offer municipalities and companies environmentally friendly waste management and recycling, with the optimum utilisation of the waste’s material and energy resources.” This means that protecting the eco-system through optimal waste management is at the very core of everything SYSAV does.

Waste and waste management

Objectives of the Good Practice

The aim for all SYSAV actions is to ensure that as much waste as possible will be re-used.

Participants of the Good Practice

SYSAV – the Waste Management Company for southern Skåne – and the 14 partner municipalities

Target group of the Good Practice

Municipalities, society, environment

More Details of the Good Practice

SYSAV uses many different methods. This broad, versatile approach enables the company to direct the right waste to the right form of treatment. From waste with high energy content heat and electricity are extracted. Garden and park waste becomes nutrient-rich compost and pre-packed soil. Construction and demolition materials are sorted and re-sold. Wood is shredded into chips and sold as pellet fuel. Only a smaller part of all waste is land filled. Landfill gas is recovered from the bio gradable waste.

SYSAV also deals with the municipalities’ hazardous waste for recycling, pre-treatment or further transport to another treatment company. Scrapped electric and electronic equipment is treated and the materials recycled at SYSAV’s own unit. Through part-ownership SYSAV is also involved in paper and board recycling via the company AB Sydåtervinning, and through ÅGAB Syd AB in recycling of gravel, asphalt and concrete. In 2006 the SYSAV Eco-cycle Plan 2006–2010 was adopted. The plan contains common targets for all owner municipalities. A working group for inter-municipality communication has also been established.

Documentation and documents

Homepage of SYSAV: http://www.sysav.se/

Available files

Contact details


Postal address:
Box 50344
202 13 MALMÖ, Sweden

Visiting address:
Spillepengsgatan 13, Malmö

Phone: +46-40-635 18 00
Fax: +46-40-635 18 10


Data sources and references

Report 3 of the BEE project, 2007
(Visited on the 13th of January 2009)