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Lövhamra Pre-Nature-School


Detailed description of the Good Practice

On Lövhamra pre-nature-school, the pupils spend their time in the forest. They learn how to appreciate the nature, the environment and its meaning and sense. Since 1998 Lövhamra has attended Eco-Schools Green Flag and the goals as well as the targets have been around the forest theme: about right of common access, the care taking, the flora and fauna in the forest and also as a pantry. Through practical work the pupils gain knowledge about food, plants and animals and they also get physical exercise, approve their balance and become more happy and satisfied.

Environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • To bring up children to respect and understand the natural environment
  • To bring up healthy and balanced children

Participants of the Good Practice

 Lövhamra pre-nature-school (employees & children) 

Target group of the Good Practice

 Lövhamra pre-nature-school (employees & children) 

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Lövhamra Naturförskola
Address: Mäster Palmsväg 24
134 60 INGARÖ Sweden
Phone: +46-8-570 27 667
E-mail: lovhamra.fsk@varmdo.se

Data sources and references

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