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Green Building Exhibition 2009


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Naestved municipality organizes an exhibition of ecological building in September 2009. The purpose of the Green Building Exhibition 2009 is to feature different technological and building solutions which can inspire the future way of building. In other words: homes that are affordable, efficient, healthy and environmentally responsible.

It takes place in a very attractive development site located just a few kilometers north of the city centre that goes by the name of “The Green Heights of Naestved”. The hilly ground gives the entrepreneurs not only a challenge to build lasting structures, it also gives them the opportunity to build non-traditional.

"We will show that it is possible to build amazing and beautiful houses with a good indoor climate, even energy-efficient and affordable. I am sure that people from near and far away will come to the exhibition to get inspiration and ideas relating to green architecture", says Mayor of Naestved, Mr Henning Jensen.

Sustainable urban planning, sustainable building

Objectives of the Good Practice

To promote housing that meets the Green Building Criteria.

The criteria are e.g.

  • energy; low-energy houses
  • water; storm water retention ponds to avoid flooding
  • lighting: low-energy lights
  • environment; Eco-labeling such as the Nordic Swan

Participants of the Good Practice

  • The Naestved Municipality - provides the entrepreneurs with financing tools and technical assistance so that the houses to be exhibit meet the green building criteria
  • Entrepreneurs

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Ms. Maria Santana
International Consultant
E-mail: masan@naestved.dk

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2008