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EveryDay Environment


Detailed description of the Good Practice

12 families from Sundsvall are participating in a project during the autumn 2001 to test different measures for an improved environment.
One family is to conserve energy, several are to compost and sort their waste at source. One family is to eat more environmentally sound food (more vegetarian, more game and lamb), another family will purchase more locally-grown and ecological products.
One family will learn eco-driving, another will cycle to work instead of taking the car etc.
The families have volunteered to participate in the project and they will receive information and support from a variety of experts. Every family will keep a diary of how they feel about the changes that environmental adaptation involves as well as noting successes and setbacks.
During the project the families will be interviewed about how they feel about their environmental undertakings and their experiences will be evaluated.

awareness raising
sustainable lifestyle

Objectives of the Good Practice

The object was to raise awareness to environmental issues and show how those can be intgrated in everyday life.

Participants of the Good Practice

12 families from Sundsvall

Target group of the Good Practice

the families at first and benefiting from their experience also for other citizens

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Lidia Suokko
Agenda 21 Information Officer

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2001