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Nyköping Strategy for a Sustainable School


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In the city of Nyköping, the municipality has made an effort to achieve Education for Sustainable Development. The ambition is to create a structure from Pre-school to Upper Secondary School where teachers can address topics from an ecologic, economic and social point of view. Moreover, this emphasizes the school’s unique platform where teachers can make a difference, no matter on what level or what subject they teach.

Environmental education

Objectives of the Good Practice

To spread environmental awareness and to give education in sustainable development.

Participants of the Good Practice

The municipality of Nyköping, schools

Target group of the Good Practice

Children and students

More Details of the Good Practice

In Nyköping, two teachers have been recruited to work as coordinators for Education for Sustainable Development (henceforth esd). Training teachers and giving them arguments to make them get their message across in the classroom has been a strategy from the very start. Defining the concept of esd has also been very important.

However, before reaching the teachers it was necessary to get support from the local politicians and from the schools’ principals. Consequently, a conference with various challenging themes was arranged to “kick off” the whole project. Seminars during this day brought up the possibility to certify their schools with “Green Flag” or “The Sustainable School Award”. Three phrases were used throughout the day: Reflect – Rethink – Reform. Reflect represents a phase where people start considering the concept of esd whereas the rethink- phase stands for a new way of thinking and paves the way for the final reform of a school organization.

After having visited some thirty schools, introducing especially “The Sustainable School Award”, and documenting various good examples on the field, a report was published, named Making a difference – Education for Sustainable in the Municipality of Nyköping. (Vi gör skillnad - Lärande för hållbar utveckling i
Nyköpings kommun) The notion of showing good school examples is very important for the whole process. In that way those schools that have quality can share that with other schools and at the same time get positive attention for their work.

This report highlights three different aspects of esd from Preschool to Upper Secondary School. Firstly; “outdoor education” was found, where teachers used the surrounding nature on a regular basis. Secondly an admirable democracy work was noticed with examples of student councils, small children in Pre-School making their voice heard etc. Thirdly, international solidarity initiatives are conveyed, where schools for instance travel with their students to former concentration camps to prevent intolerance and racism.

To sum up, Nyköping has initiated a long term project where the young ones are in focus. Children of today will be those who are in charge in the future. They can make the real difference!

Available files

Contact details

Mathias Demetriades
E-mail: mathias.demetriades@edu.nykoping.se

Cecilia Karlström
E-mail: cecilia.karlstrom@edu.nykoping.se

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2008