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Innovative Building Exhibition (InBA)® Kiel


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Innovative Building Exhibition (InBA)® Kiel 2008 presented 20 projects with model implementation of energy efficiency and usage of renewable energies. How the energy saving and resource saving concepts can be planned and implemented in city districts were also shown.
The InBa® Kiel is an annual event and is often combined with other happenings e.g. the "solar days".

Energy efficiency, high quality building technologies

Objectives of the Good Practice

To promote high quality technologies in modern architecture to create energy efficient buildings.

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Kiel, companies, EU project REBECEE (Renewable Energy and Building Exhibitions in Cities of the Enlarged Europe) network.

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

Sponsors (e.g. Rehau – Unlimited Polymer Solutions, Sun Energy Europe)

More Details of the Good Practice

A case study of an modern building with 19 common hold apartments was one of the stands of the exhibition. What made this case so interesting was that the building shell fulfills KfW energy-saving house -40 standard, heating is supplied by district heating through underfloor heating, and hot water supply comes through thermal solar systems.

Another outstanding project of InBA is the new construction of super-market in Wik, a city quarter of Kiel. The convenience store in concrete steel frame construction obtains high insulation standard and is to be heated only if temperature fall below zero. The energy supply concept includes usage of waste heat from refrigerator for floor space heating, energy efficient illumination, usage the geothermal power as well as ventilation system with highly efficient waste heat recovery. Photovoltaic unit with an output of about 100 kWP is to be installed on the roof. Considering all this, the project can fulfill model function for similar industrial buildings Europe wide.

The sports hall in Schilksee was constructed up to KfW-40 standard. Thermal heating and hot water preparation is done by wood pellet heating. Usage of thermal solar system should be considered after measurements of hot water consumption during the first operating years. Ventilation system with waste
heat recovery provides for humidity removal in rooms not lived in like a hall, which then leads to thermal heat saving of 80 per cent.

Documentation and documents

Homepage of Innovative Building Exhibition (InBA)® Kiel: www.inba-kiel.de

Available files

Contact details

Landeshauptstadt Kiel
Ms. Dr. Gabriela Husmann
Post Box 1152
24099 KIEL, Germany
Tel: 0431-901-1106
Fax 0431-901-62745
E-mail: eu-regiestelle@kiel.de

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2008