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Consulting Citizens in Updating a District Master Plan


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Hirvensalo district has been in the core of Turku city planning for around ten years. The district is aimed to attract lots of families with children. That is why a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) was included in the updating of a master plan, as a part of which stakeholders and local residents were also strongly involved in the planning process.

  • City planning
  • Citizen involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

To create an attractive district by consulting stakeholders and listening to their opinions.

The official process started in 2007, the public consultations occurred in early 2008.

Participants of the Good Practice

  • City Council of Turku
  • The Board of Environmental Protection and City Planning
  • "A-konsultit", a consultant company
  • City Planning Department
  • Healthy City coordinator
  • Turku University of Applied sciences / Sustainable Development Department researcher & 32 students.
  • District partnership / community participation

Target group of the Good Practice

Local residents & other stakeholders

More Details of the Good Practice

There was a strong stakeholder involvement in the process. Two rounds of workshops were organised. These included more than 20 events and involved age groups from pre-school children to elderly. Totally more than 300 people participated. As an addition 10 people were interviewed in depth. The workshops were run mainly by students of sustainable development. The main method used in the groups was based on markings on the Hirvensalo map: nice, good, bad places, beautiful, ugly sites, dangerous traffic areas etc. Participants were asked to give their opinions especially from the point of view of their own living environment.

Besides that, different age groups were asked to express their opinions in more creative methods. For example, pre-school children were asked to make drawings on "what they see from their windows", school children were asked to draw cartoons on "their way home" and elderly people were asked to tell stories about the "good old days".

All material from the stakeholder meetings was forwarded to the consultancy that was in charge of the master plan. Based on the material, the consultancy drafted three structural models for further discussion and the same groups that were involved earlier in the process were asked to comment on them by giving both positive and negative feedback. The feedback was also collected for further elaboration.

Available files

Contact details

Jaana Solasvuo
e-mail: jaana.solasvuo@turku.fi and healthy.cities@turku.fi

Data sources and references

Case study abstract n:o 125 – Jaana Solasvuo: "Updating a district master plan – health impacts of three structural models" (as an attachment)