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Cooperation in City & Traffic Planning


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Kiruna is a small town in northern Sweden and it's highly dependent on iron ore. The mining activity has however caused such ruptures in the ground that the passing E10 road, railway, as well as parts of the city have to be moved. The change is to be realized in a sustainable way for which a close co-operation between the relevant stakeholders is a prerequisite.

  • City planning
  • Traffic planning
  • Stakeholder involvement

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • Cooperation to move the city & roads from subsiding land.
  • Brainstorming to find a solution to the complex problem: charrette

Planning the charrette seminar started in autumn 2004. It was held in April 2005 and it's results were developed into a document in January 2006.

Participants of the Good Practice

  • Municipality of Kiruna
  • the Swedish Road Administration
  • the Swedish Rail Administration
  • County Administrative Board of Norrbotten
  • External experts

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

The intensive, 2,5 day charrette seminar had been planned carefully in advance. It started by introducing the visitors to local conditions in forms of lectures and a bus tour. The 2nd day was accompanied by a series of presentations after which the participants were divided in groups of ten, lead by a planner or an architect. In the end of the day each of the four groups had two proposals.

On the 3rd day the proposals were revised. This time politicians were not present. External experts and officials of the municipality, county, Vägverket and Banverket got together. First they had a summary of the events of the previous day. The participants were divided in new, more collected groups than the day before to dimension the future of Kiruna. One group concentrated on evaluating the number of inhabitants and density of settlement. The second group prepared a time table by counting backwards from the point of time when railway and road need to have moved from the ruptured area. After a common discussion they resulted in two main alternatives which were worked further in the afternoon.

As an outcome two main alternatives for the town development were created and they were further developed to a document in January 2006.

Documentation and documents

About the tranformation on Kiruna kommun's homepage: http://www.kommun.kiruna.se/Om-kommunen/English/

Available files

Kiruna charrette.pdf1.56 MiB

Contact details

The City Hall
981 85 Kiruna
Phone: +46 980-70 000
Fax: +46 980-802 91
E-mail: kommun@kommun.kiruna.se

Visiting address:
Hjalmar Lundbohmsvägen 31
981 36 KIRUNA

Information Office
Phone: +46 980-701 83


Data sources and references

Vägverket - Publikation 2006:110 - Charrette som verktyg för kreativ samverkan i väg- och stadsutvecklingsprojekt. Utvärdering av charretter i Kiruna, Ludvika och Söderköping.