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Somali Swedish Preschool Department in Rinkeby


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In the Rinkeby district there lives about 2300 people with a Somali origin. It's the largest ethnic group in the area. For a long time Somali parents have disregarded the Swedish municipal preschool system, preferring private preschools with a Muslim alignment instead.

The city district of Rinkeby carried out a project to chart the need for a municipal preschool for Somali children. Authorities also wanted to inform Somali parents about the municipal preschool system. The final goal was to develop preschool activities on the basis of Somali parents' needs and desires.

  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Social inclusion
  • Social & health

Objectives of the Good Practice


  • to chart the need for a Somali preschool in Rinkeby
  • to inform Somali parents about the municipal preschool system
  • to develop the municipal preschool system on the basis of Somali parents’ needs and wishes


The successful project resulted in opening a Swedish-Somali preschool department in August 2006.

Participants of the Good Practice

  • Municipal preschools in Rinkeby
  • Somali parents with children in the municipal preschools of Rinkeby
  • Other Somali parents and Somalis without preschool aged children
  • Preschool personnel with a Somali origin
  • City of Stockholm

Target group of the Good Practice

Somali families in the Rinkeby district.

More Details of the Good Practice

The principal methods used were questionnaires, interviews and individual & group discussions. The discussions were held in preschools, on the citizen office, in open preschool, health centre and children's health centre.

Questions about the situation of Somali children in preschools were sent out to the five vice preschool directors in Rinkeby.

Questionnaires were sent to Somali parents with children in a municipal preschool. The questionnaires contained questions such as; what is missing, how can the preschool be improved, what the parents have considered when they have been choosing the preschool.

Additionally; group discussions (2-4 persons) were conducted two to four times. This is where the parents had an opportunity to discuss the substance and the work procedures in preschool. Discussions have also been conducted with Somali parents without preschool children. Ten parents have at different occasions discussed which expectations, thoughts and desires they have towards preschool. Discussions with seven child minders have been carried out and they got the opportunity to express their views as well.

Available files

Contact details

Monica Slama
Project Manager
Division of city planning in the city district of Hägersten-Liljeholmen
City of Stockholm
E-mail: monica.slama@h-l.stockholm.se
Telephone: +46 8 508 23 092

Data sources and references

See Contact details.