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Improving indoor environment in student housing


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The indoor environment is an important aspect of quality and environmental work at Studentbostäder i Sundsvall (StuBo), a company that provides accomodation for students. This si also inline with the political guidelines for public health work adopted by teh City of Sundsvall. The guidelines clearly establish that the environments of children and yound people are to be given priority.

With a clientele consisting exclusively of young people this focus on the indoor environment is precisely what is needed. It is among children and young people that the greatest problems with allergies exist. The integrated operating system, that StuBo works with, encompasses, in addition to allergy issues, matters related to the environment quality, public health satisfaction plus disability and work environment questions. Another important issue that StuBo works intensively with, and that to some extent is linked to allergy efforts, is the environmental certification of new and renovated premises. Over the past year, StuBo has developed a method for assessing the quality and environmental commitment of suppliers and and business partners.
The selected business partners are called to regular supplier meetings where quality and environmnetal issues are discussed. StuBo´s goal is to promote the development of better materials and working methods by increasing the level of understanding among its business partners and continually raising teh level of ambition.
StuBo decided to make a serious effort in dealing with allergies among young people and started a half-day training course for its employees and an allergy survey of the company´s buildings. StuBo now has 20 hypoallergenic student appartments.

indoor environment
environmental certification

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective was to make all studnets feel welcome and to offer good housing to everyone.

Participants of the Good Practice

StuBo, business partners

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Åke Norberg
+46 60 199701

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 1/2003