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Planning an environmental motorquarter


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In Umeå, a unique environmnetal motorquater was establihed in 2000. The quarter is unique because of its adaption to the recycling priniple. IT offers servisces both for cars and drivers with its complete car-facility, an energy station with a grocery store and a fast food restaurant. The project is named Green Zone.

sustainable urban planning

Objectives of the Good Practice

the objective was to plan an environmentallt friendly motorquarter

Participants of the Good Practice

Umeå Agenda 21 group, initiated the project
Car salesman + an architect , who had the idea for the project
City of Umeå
University of Umeå
Ecosystem in Scandinavia Ltd. (follow up and evaluation of the project)

Target group of the Good Practice

car drivers and other consumers of the facilities

More Details of the Good Practice

The facility centre for motorists consists of a Ford motor facility, an energy station Statoil and McDonalds. The wooden building with its natural colouring and sedum-covered roof easily rises attention. There is a pond and the area is surrounded by a stream for the local rain water management. The driving lanes are covered with grass-armed tiles, gravel or concrete tiles to facilitate permeation of the surface.
The following aspects were also taken into account:

  • use of healthy material
  • no hazardous substances

selection of plants, which are important for the recycling of water within the area as well as the pond

  • use of solar energy
  • reuse of heat energy

Documentation and documents


Available files

Green Zone_Umea.pdf0.91 MiB

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 2/2003