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Involving the main interest group – the students


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Students have been actively involved in the Baltic University Programme, BUP, since 1991. They have actively participated in development of study contents and methods. Students have also been able to visit each others, to communicate through space bridges, video conferences and over the internet.

Students are also involved in the decision-making processes of the network through elected representatives. Two students are elected each year to represent the students in the international board of the BUP. The election is carried out at the annual students’ conference, where students from all participating countries gather to have a common conference. One part of the conference is used for discussions on issues of common interest.

At their universities students can take active part in course planning and organisation at local levels. Students also organise their own conferences on current topics that are not covered by their courses. One example is the 2-day conference on Climate Change, November 2007 in Stettin.

In addition, students have created an informal sub-network and a website of their own.

  • Sustainable development education
  • Environmental education
  • Student democracy
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Cooperation

Objectives of the Good Practice

The overall goal of the network is to promote sustainable development in the Baltic Sea Region, through competence development of university students, teachers and researchers, and of professionals in cooperating municipalities and industry.

Participants of the Good Practice

More than 10 000 students take each year part in the courses and other activities of the BUP network. The BUP is coordinated by Uppsala University, together with 11 national centres and more than 200 organisations of higher education in the Baltic Sea drainage area.

Target group of the Good Practice

Mainly students

Funding of the Good Practice

Uppsala University, project funding, and funding by participating universities

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Baltic University Programme documents and materials are found on the website:


  • Student conferences
  • Student members of the BUP international board
  • Students’ summer activities

Available files

Contact details

1. Director Christine Jakobsson
Baltic University Programme secretariat
Uppsala University

Villavägen 16
Phone: +46 18 471 17 88
Email: christine.jakobsson@baltivuniv.uu.se

2. Director Paula Lindroos
Centre for Continuing Education
Finnish National BUP Centre
Åbo Akademi University

Fabriksgatan 2
FIN-20500 ÅBO
Phone: +358 2 215 4125
Fax +358 2 215 4943
Email: paula.lindroos@abo.fi

Data sources and references

See contact details.